My House is a Disaster…Except for My Kitchen

Good grief, my house is a disaster.

So, my project this weekend is to at least make a dent in the disaster.  J did his part this morning by demonstrating that we do, indeed, have tons of clean clothes by actually hanging said clothing.  Thank you, J!

But I’m not just cleaning and shifting the junk around.  I am actually purging the house of all un-played-with toys and general junk.  We simply have too much stuff that we do not use.  This purging takes time and I am started to see it will take me longer than the weekend.  I managed to get through the kitchen today.  We’ll see what else I can finish before bedtime.

I found a ton of junk as I cleaned out the kitchen drawers.  For instance, there was an extra doorknob.  An extra doorknob?  Really?  I guess it was generous of our builder to leave one.

At least now the drawers are organized again:  pet/ personal care drawer, office supplies drawer, hardware drawer, and batteries drawer,  Cabinets above have disposable plates and utensils, art supplies, food, Christmas plates, and good china bowls.  Cabinets below are my good china and flutes.

Some of the stuff I’ve found as I’ve cleaned out has been ridiculous.  The worst was the leftover Synagis from when Be-Bop was just home from the hospital as a newborn.  There were baby bottles.  Then, some of it, it was just sad that I hadn’t seen it in years:  the good linen napkins that match my good china was an example of this.  I’d completely forgotten that I even had matching napkin holders.  And there was an entire set of my Cameo Platinum that hadn’t even been opened!!

So anyway, there’s a completely re-organized and clean kitchen at my house now.  That is the only room I can say it about, but at least where we eat is clean!  I’ve now moved on to the atrocity that is our dining room.

My laptop is dying a slow death, so I am making the transition to “living in the cloud” so that my data is safe for the day when the laptop will not turn on again.  Thank goodness for the CR-48; otherwise I wouldn’t have a machine that’s all mine.  We are not suffering from a lack of computers in this household, mind you, but there’s just something about having my own machine that makes me happy.

That’s all for now.

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