Our First Date

My favorite musical, Les Mis, is on tv tonight.  It reminds me of my first date weekend with J.  That weekend was almost eight years ago.

Those people that knew what was going on thought, I’m sure, that I’d lost my mind.  I’d seen Les Mis the week before with company that was completely forgettable but the production was so good that I decided to invite J to see it.  The only catch:  J lived 900+ miles away!  Oh, and we’d never met in person before.  We had started e-mailing back and forth on one of those cheesy dating sites three months beforehand.  Oh, and he’d just started a new job that week and would have to take off early.  But he said yes, and his boss said yes, and so we made the plans.

I still remember the look on his face when he found me at the airport, right after he’d come up that escalator.  Such a sweet smile! 

It was a whirlwind weekend.  That Friday night we did a late night fast food dinner and got J to his motel (yes, motel.  The man decided to ditch his original hotel that came with his travel package in favor of a place closer to me).  Saturday morning, we did a diner breakfast and headed into the city for a general tour of my stomping grounds.  We spent all day going around Atlanta. 

I took J back to his motel for a brief break and I went home so we could both get ready.  J said later that he’d gotten dressed immediately, thinking that I would come straight back.  But I went home and took a nap!  So I left him there waiting for me. 

It was a fantastic date, what can I say?  It was my first date with my husband.

The next day we went to Panola Mountain State Park before I took him back to the airport.  There, deep in the woods on that beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, J told me he loved me for the first time.  That’s when I knew.

We started looking at ring sets online the next week, together.

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