I was in another room this morning working on some of my crafts and I heard a terrible cry from Be-Bop:  “Leave me alone!  Leave me alone, Rock Steady!  Leave me alone!”  It wasn’t the slightly irritated or very annoyed cry, either, it was the deafening terror-filled cry.

Rock Steady has a terrible habit of antagonizing his brother.  This time, Rock Steady was chasing Be-Bop throughout the house.  Finally, I took the advice of somebody who watches Rock Steady occasionally and set him down in the corner, off on his own, to cool off.  It took some doing; as upset as Be-Bop was at Rock Steady for chasing him, Rock Steady was absolutely heartbroken at the idea of stopping chasing his brother.  I finally asked Rock Steady why he was chasing Be-Bop, and he said, “Because he’s my brother.”  They both finally calmed down and now, ten minutes later, they are playing together happily again.

I don’t know about brothers.  I know these two play together nicely most of the time, but I also know that they both value their independence.  It’s a really good thing that Be-Bop starts school on Wednesday so that they will have some time to miss each other.

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