New Bracelets on a Rainy Day

Today has been a day of making bracelets.  Here’s a sample of what I made:

It was tons of fun!  I’m getting back into the swing of the jewelry-making.  I haven’t quite gotten up the guts to work with the lampwork kit, but that will come in time, I know.

My boys have been running wild in the house all day long.  We missed our daily outing to the park because it has rained (or threatened to rain) all day long.  Things are so much happier in our household when the boys have had outside time.  They were relatively good, though, on our outings today to the store where I’ve got some of my jewelry and to the craft store for more supplies.

I’m back on all my medicines.  Before I started the Effexor again, I was very lethargic.  It’s a constant balancing act, this illness of mine.  My interest in the jewelry is a good sign, though.


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