Random Rambling

So I don’t know if I have talked about it, but the obvious changes to the blog lately have happened because I went from wordpress.com to self-hosted. (!) At first I was disappointed because, though I knew there was going to be a learning curve through navigating CSS, I didn’t see much benefit immediately.  But now I’m positively smitten!  So much easier to customize everything, even when a regular theme is used!  As always, J’s coaching made things better.  Thank you, Sweetie!

This is the last full week that I will have both my babies at home with me.  Be-Bop starts Kindergarten next week!  Wow!  We’ll definitely need to do some fun things this week.  Luckily, I feel like staying out of the bed right now.

I’m conflicted about Be-Bop starting Kindergarten.  I really hope he has a good time, that the process of doing something new is not too hard on him, and that the other kids are nice to him.  I hope he comes home telling me that he has a new friend.  He’s all set with supplies (thanks, Grandma R and Grandpa K!), a brand new backpack, and a brand new lunch box.

Of course, Be-Bop got a backpack, so Rock Steady had to have one too.  I’ll try to post a picture of them with their new packs later today.  They’re really cute!

I went roughly thirty hours with no sleep, Saturday and Sunday.  Not a good plan and I did take my meds.  Luckily, I had a full night’s sleep last night, so hopefully it was just a random occurrence.  No other manic symptoms right now that I am aware of.  At least I got the kitchen and foyer clean and re-organized out of the deal.

It’s early morning still, with the potential to be a great day.  Now to go have some peppermint tea before the boys wake up!

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