Blog Obsession: I Have One

I have a problem.  I’m obsessed with the layout of my blog!  I spent all day tinkering with it and I haven’t given up completely for the night just yet.

It’s not exactly true that I spent all day on the computer.  I did take Be-Bop and Rock Steady on the outing to the “Dinosaur Museum.”  They did eat lunch.  I did fix them dinner, as well.  But in between, especially while they were down for their nap today, I’ve been working on the blog all day.  I practically ran out of the room when J said he had the boys, to get them ready for bed.

At the last minute, I decided to go for August NaBloPoMo.  As long as I don’t forget a day, we’ll be good.  I made it to day twenty-seven or something like that in June.  Frustrating to forget when the end was that close!  But, it won’t happen again (thinking positively).

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