Vacation! And Other Stuff…

We went to the beach!  It was tons of fun all around and a great vacation. 

Whenever we go to the beach, we make our “pilgrimage” to the place where we got married.  It’s a beautiful Methodist camp and yesterday was the first time we’d taken the boys to see it.  Here’s a fun comparison:


J, Be-Bop, and Rock Steady at Lovely Lane

It’s a really special place to our family.

I saw my psychiatrist this morning.  He’s aware and very supportive of the fact that I have applied for disability.  He asked me this morning, “Did you include all your hospitalizations in your application?”
Well, the answer was no.  I only mentioned on the application the most recent hospital at which I’ve received treatment.  I didn’t mention that I was hospitalized for four days in 2008 after a wickedly bad allergic reaction to Lamictal.  I didn’t mention that I was hospitalized when I was 17 at a hospital that no longer exists.  I didn’t mention that I was hospitalized at a clinic in Paris when I was 17.  I didn’t provide my original psychiatrist’s name on my disability application.   My current pdoc didn’t bless me out about it, but he made it clear that I needed to list it all.  He said it’s all relevant, all fourteen and a half years of it.
So I got on the phone and called Social Security and they documented the rest of the information.  All of it except the hospital in Paris, which my parents are currently researching (thanks, Mama).
While we were on vacation I went into a store on the island and talked with a very nice lady about my beading plans.  She invited me to send her pictures of my stuff. Very exciting…I was really flattered!  We got to talking about my paper beads and she suggested making flowers out of paper.  So, I’ve become a woman obsessed.  Here’s the best of what I’ve made over the course of the last three days:
First Paper Flowers

 Here’s the best of what I’ve made thus far.  I must have made sixty flowers or so and torn up countless magazine covers and I do have more than this that I consider use-able.  I’ve got more books, atlases, and magazines set aside for the purpose of flower-making.  It’s lots and lots of fun!  I’ve put clips on the back of these so that they can be easily attached to a shirt or in the hair.  Not holding my breath that anything comes of them, but it’s a fun craft at any rate.



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