Family Fun!

The boys will be separated for the longest time yet since Rock Steady was born over the course of the next week.  Be-Bop is going to spend the week with Grandpa K by himself!  He’s so very excited and we know he’s going to have a fabulous time.

They don’t realize it right now, but Be-Bop and Rock Steady are going to seriously miss each other while Be-Bop is with Grandpa K and Grandma R.  I wanted to create a good family memory for them prior to Be-Bop’s trip.  So, thanks to our uber-really-fantastic family friend JM, we took the boys to the be-all-end-all of pizza places for kids last night.  Be-Bop and Rock Steady were in Heaven:  not only did they have pizza, bread, and Daddy and JM to play with them, JM actually crawled into the play area to play with them!  We also took the boys to make a new bear at the mall; they had a ball!  We came home with identical rainbow-colored bears and Be-Bop named his “Pond,”  Rock Steady named his, “Jack.”  JM, thank you SO much for everything you continually do for our family!  We are so lucky to have so many great role models for our boys and you are right there at the top!

While I’ll miss Be-Bop like crazy, I know he’ll be having the time of his life while he’s away.  I also think it will be really, really good for Rock Steady to have my full attention and J’s full attention next week. 

The boys are getting to the age where we need to start making really concerted efforts to spend one-on-one time with each of the boys.  A week is an extreme time-frame, but I am a firm believer that each child needs to be the focus of each parent’s sole attention for a little time each week.  J and I had a family who acted as good mentors to us when we were first married and one of the things they did on a regular basis was that one parent kept the rest of the children for an evening while the other parent took one child to do something fun.  I love that idea!

It will be a great week for all, I am certain of that.

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