Interviews for Shady Jobs

My job ends this week.  It was a temporary position and I’ll sorely miss my supervisor and co-workers.  I’ve learned a lot since I first met these folks last August.

I’ve skipped Stella’s last two doggie training sessions in the hope of finding a new job; I had job interviews each of the last two Tuesday nights.  Poor Stella and probably more so, poor me…I believe we’re back to square one with her training.

Money-hungry, I am.  I desperately want to help J carry the burden of supporting our household in a financial way.  Despite the discussion and worry I’ve got over my actual ability to work (my ability to work can definitely be called into question), I still have the drive to contribute financially in a working way to this household.

I have answered jobs posted in the newspaper two weeks in a row.  I have learned about “red flags” toward shady jobs and deceptive job advertising during this time. 

Last week it was selling herbal supplements under the guise of a “receptionist” position for what I believe may have been a quasi-chiropractor.  It was an advertisement for an open interview, meaning you could just show up with your resume and you would be interviewed on the spot.  I was asked two questions:  “Do you think children today have more opportunities than they did ten years ago?” and, “Do you think people in America are healthy?”  He seemed to like my answer to the first question, which was something like, “Yes, if their environment fosters appropriate growth.”  However, my answer to the second question was something along the lines of, “I think people generally want to be healthy but I can only speak for myself and I have my issues but I am pretty healthy.”  Probably not the kind of answer someone looking for an herbal supplement salesperson wants to hear!  I was not called back for the second round of interviews.

I nearly fell for landing a “job” that has turned out to likely be a scam last night.  I was chosen for this one after some discussion about the fact that I’ve got plenty of family in the area.  The ad said an established company was looking for 20 “production-oriented, results-driven” people for immediate hire.  But when I showed up for the interview, the building, while nice enough was very non-descript.  It almost looked like it might be a temporarily rented office.  The guy that interviewed me seemed genuinely nice but he simply said that I would be setting up and displaying products the company made.  We watched a video and filled out an application prior to being interviewed.  But while they talked a lot about the parent company, which makes a variety of products, the company which new hires would be working for was only mentioned once in a hurried manner.  I couldn’t even remember after the interview what the name of the company was.  I was told to call an hour and a half after the interview and I was told that I would find out whether or not I was hired.  “Congratulations,” I was told, “We liked your application!  You can start tomorrow with orientation.”

I believe I’ve pinpointed the product line that the would-be display folks will be setting up, but I will decline to write which one it is here.  If you know me, ask me about it in person and I’ll tell you the rest of the story.

I don’t have a problem with sales itself when it’s handled ethically.  I don’t consider myself above any job; I’ve done tasks on the job within the last six months that I never thought I’d find myself doing on any job.  But I do have a problem with deceptive sales practices and deceptive job interviews.  I will not knowingly have any part of it.

While I’ve got the drive to make money fast, I know there are no “short cuts” to having a decent, stable job.  So for now, I think I’ll concentrate on building the beading business, which I have largely neglected since March.  I can also always concentrate on ways to be a tad more frugal and budgeted within our current income. 

Besides, I know I am very, very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend more time with my boys this summer.  I definitely do not take for granted that they absolutely love spending time with me!  My time with them at home will fly by, I know.  Soon they’ll both be in school and I’ll have a better opportunity to decide exactly what I want to do with my professional life.

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