Our Bad, Stella…


Apparently the dog has a thing for unused diapers.  And purses.  And flip flops.

We had a test run for Stella while J and I went out to dinner tonight.  We left her out of her crate to see what would happen.  What happened is pictured above.  All in all, not too bad.  I wouldn’t say that I’m ready to let her stay out of her crate while I go to work yet, but she didn’t chew on any of the wood work.  She didn’t chew on any of the furniture.  She didn’t do any of the bodily function things that dogs do.  J and I see the mess she made as being our fault…All of the things she destroyed were left out within her easy reach, and within the easy fall-off path of the cats when they jump out of Stella’s way.  And she tore up my least favorite pair of flip-flops, the ones I reserve for showering with at the gym.  Not a big loss.  Though she dissected my purses to see if the contents were yummy (evidently not, thank God, as my Effexor was actually in one of the purses), she didn’t even tear the purses up. 

I’m impressed, Stella.  You are, indeed, a good dog.

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