I am a big fan of my fort. J said I could have a whole closet for my use, so I took him at his word and created this very soothing space that I call my “fort.” Some of the items in my fort include: a baby mattress, a bean bag chair, six pillows, seven blankets, ten dolls from my childhood, magic markers, pastels, colored pencils, my favorite books (thirty-one of them to be exact), my sketch pad, three journals, and a candle and stand (no worries, there’s ventilation). I’ve decorated the walls in pastel magic marker with words that empower me.

My fort is my safe place in my house. It is not a hiding place, it is not a work place. It is a place for me to regroup and regain my energy. It is where I meditate. I wish all women had a space like this. I feel very blessed.

No pictures this time around. My fort is my private spot. 🙂

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