Goal, Interrupted: June 1 is a FAIL

Well, I could tell when I woke up that it was going to be a rough day. I have managed to feed Be-Bop and Rock Steady and to take care of Stella, but beyond that today has been a day of dozing on the couch. I’m thinking it’s the Effexor causing the sleepiness because I forgot to take it this morning and I’m finally waking up, now that it’s afternoon. Or maybe I’m just full of it, I don’t know. Either way, the goal for the day has been completely shot.

When I told J about my little goal problem earlier this afternoon, he said, “Make a new goal for the day.” BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT! The point is to have a small goal and stick to it and be successful at it. My problem was that any of the little goals I listed and then marked through would have been appropriate. No napping/ dozing was too big of a goal. I know this. I knew it when I set the goal. I’m ambitious, if unrealistic, in my self-care, yes?

So I joined Blogher’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for June 2011. What this means is that you’ll be seeing a blog post once a day from me for the entire month of June. I have no excuses for not posting, as I can even post from my phone!

The theme for the month is fan. Hmmm. Things I am a fan of:

squishing my toes in warm, wet sand
my J

At any rate, here it is, my goal for the afternoon:

Goal for the afternoon of June 1, 2011: successfully post one blog post. (Hey, if you’re reading this, I’ve already accomplished my goal!)

What three things will help me accomplish this goal?
1) quiet boys (they’re resting at the moment)
2) focused thoughts
3) working laptop

What could stand between me and my goal?
1) Negative self-talk
2) Neglecting to hit “Publish”

Okay, maybe I’m copping out a little bit with this particular goal. But that’s how small I need to get right now with my goal-setting.
Maybe June 1 isn’t a fail after all.

2 responses to “Goal, Interrupted: June 1 is a FAIL”

    • I love forts, obviously, too! The closet off our master bedroom is my fort. It’s got my art supplies, a resting spot, and space for me to do my yoga. Thanks for reading!

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