Rock Steady is 3! And Progress…Except on the CR-48

Ugh. I wanted to write this super-awesome post about how Rock Steady turned 3 over the weekend and I had a cute, flirty picture of him about to blow out his candle on his cupcake. And, trying to be honest about my use of the CR-48 as my primary machine, I have been trying for the past hour to get said picture uploaded directly from the camera to this machine. I am certain it is possible but following all tutorials I have found thus far, Chrome does not make it easy. *Sigh* I’ll edit the post from the other machine when I’m done here.

Regardless, Rock Steady really enjoyed turning 3 on Saturday. For some reason though, he plays dumb about how old he is now. He’ll say, “I don’t know.” Maybe he really isn’t old enough to tell us how old he is yet, but I doubt it. He knows for sure, because of his Daddy, that he isn’t 47. He knows he’s not 2 anymore. Maybe he’s having an early life crisis and doesn’t want to admit that he’s 3. I don’t know.

J tried to help me install Google Apps for the TickletheSun and I think we’ve done it. Try mailing me at! Thank you, J, for your continuing patience with me, coming home to a wife whose head was off on a virtual mission while the children were ready for dinner. Love you bunches!

Poor A Rainbow Tulip LLC. It’s getting neglected while I sort myself out. I did at least rearrange the fort (at J’s suggestion), to get all the beading stuff out of my therapy space. Therapy does not equal work. Lesson learned. It’s odd to have twice the space for the fort, but the empty floor space is purposeful, for meditation.

I keep sleeping. Today was better since I had both the boys at home, we had a great morning. I don’t know if the sleepiness is depression, if the Effexor (changed from Luvox to Effexor) hasn’t kicked in yet, or what. I had no trouble getting myself up this morning, but by mid-morning I had to fight it hard. I was thankful when the boys’ naptime rolled around, and we managed to keep naptime to the two hours scheduled. But still. It’s definitely time for some scheduled outings!

It’s 9:00 and this princess will turn into a monster if she doesn’t get her beauty sleep.

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