Glasses and End-of-Year Ceremonies

See all these glasses?  These are all pairs that I have been able to wear within the last year.  This morning, I broke the orange pair.  The truly tragic pair, as I am a cheap buyer and they were my cheapest pair, my first experiment in online glasses shopping.  The black pair in the middle is also broken and those are likely the set I will replace.  Until then, I am left with the purple transclucent pair on top of them all, which are huge and by far the dorkiest pair as they were another one of my experiments in online glasses shopping.  All the rest?  Vastly different prescription; they’re destined for donation to recycling.  Truly tragic because I like them all (except for the pair I must wear currently).  Unfortunately, lens replacement for my prescription is close to highway robbery.

This morning we were talking about it and J said, “Why don’t you just go back to contacts?”  Hmm.  It’s tempting.  Plastic in little tiny form filling up the landfill monthly, or plastic that can generally be donated to be used for prescriptions for others?  I also do not have a good track record when it comes to contact lenses.  I tend to buy the disposable kind that are supposed to be worn for a max of two weeks, then throw them out oh, two and a half months later.  Very bad on the eyes, I know.  So glasses it is for now, both in an effort to be a little more easy on the environment and a lot easier on my eyes.

We had Be-Bop’s Pre-K End of Year Ceremony last night.  Cute Cute!  In the picture above, Be-Bop is the blond little boy in the white polo.  I don’t remember if this picture was taken before or after he ran off the stage and straight to his teacher.  Poor thing, I don’t think he’s destined to be in any children’s theater productions any time soon!  He took the audience’s laughter at all of the children very personally.  Other than the momentary running off the stage, everything went off without a hitch.  Be-Bop got the “Very Lovable Child” Character Award.  Glad his teachers see that too!  His reward from Mom and Dad for finishing out the year was a BeyBlade (I know, arbitrary reward for something inevitable, but still, we rarely buy him toys), and he’s been on “Cloud 9” ever since.

We’ve struggled to decide if he should go on to Kindergarten next year.  Socially, he’s a little behind the curve (running off the stage, for example).  Academically, he’s sharp as a tack, though.  For now, the vote is yes.  We’ll worry with holding him back if he doesn’t do well within the first month.  We do need to teach him a few things over the summer, though, to help him catch up with the other kids.

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