New Medicine

So now I’m depressed. This didn’t come on suddenly; I’ve been wanting to sleep more and more over the past couple of weeks. My pdoc is totally awesome, though. We called and were told last week that there were no appointments available before my normally scheduled one. When he found out that there was such a drastic change in my condition, he told us that we were wasting our time calling his office and that we should have just shown up as a walk-in.

He up my dose of Abilify and put me on Luvox. Now I feel completely loopy but the depression is better. I’m assuming the loopiness is the Luvox but I don’t know for sure. It’s bad enough that I cannot safely watch Rock Steady so he’s off to daycare for the day. Don’t know what we will do if this goes on; it’s nice to not feel all uptight but I’ve got to be able to drive and such. Otherwise, I’m not feeling any of the other symptoms people complain about.

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