Even iPhones Die

So, I shouldn’t complain too much.  After all, around a year ago, my iPhone 3 was well, dropped in the toilet.  A week later after drying out, it came back to life.  So it’s warranty was voided long ago.  I could have gone through this a year ago.  In that year, the phone has also survived plummeting down the stairs at least once.  I was given a grace period in which I could have backed up my phone.  I was too ignorant to know that was the wise thing to do.

But last night I had a major panic attack.  “Restore to iTunes” it said when the battery was completely dead.  The wall plugin showed some charge in the battery but plugging it in to the computer, iTunes did not recognize the device at all.  No charge at all when I was not plugged into anything.  All contacts completely gone.  GONE!  All apps gone (lesser problem– it’s easy to remember that I use Facebook, Etsy, the Weather Channel, NPR, Pandora, and Twitter).  ALL CONTACTS GONE!

Today was a busy day.  J and I did not have time to deal with this.  One thing I will say for the AT&T folks:  they know how to get you in and out quickly if you’re spending money there.  The most time J and I spent was arguing whether I could go with a cheapie (or free) phone (I said yes, J said no).  I told J, “You know our situation better than I do, you do what you think we should do.”  There, I was relieved of all responsibility for the decision.  I think we were in the store for maybe 20 minutes.  Then I was off with Be-Bop to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Yay for kid-free weekends!

I did end up with a kick-*** iPhone 4.  We were eligible for upgrade for 1 phone.  That part was serendipitous.  And because of my tendency to, well, treat my phone about as nicely as anything I’d actually allow to fall downstairs or in the toilet, we opted for an OtterBox case.

As it turns out, it looks like I did back up the phone in October of 2010.  So only a few contacts and pics are lost.  Luckily, I have alternative ways of getting in touch with most folks I’ve met since then, so all is not lost at all.  Tonight I’d been lamenting the loss of tons of pictures and videos I took of the boys last year.  It looks like I’ve got those back.  And as is most often the case, my dear husband came in and gracefully and patiently fixed my issue (and got me a new phone.  Thank you, J).

Lesson learned.  I will back up monthly.

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