Giving the CR-48 a Second Try

My experience blogging on the CR-48 machine was not very good last time. So I’ll try again tonight.

Life is looking up. Be-Bop and Rock Steady are going to stay with Grandma next weekend, so that’s exciting for all parties involved. I got accepted to the local tech school back in February and we just found out yesterday that the HOPE grant is going to cover at least this first class. Yay! I’ll happily take free money. I’m not banking on it for fall semester because there are some things going through the state legislature that may change my eligibility status since I got HOPE for undergrad. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

It’s been a great weekend! Friday night in the city with a friend, Saturday with the kids and Nannie, and yoga and church stuff today. Got some fort time in too, and it was relaxation, not business.

Work is work. March 25 is the last day I’ve made myself available to my current employer. I’m hedging my bets on something, but if it falls through, there’s always school and I am capable enough now to keep the boys at home if need be. After all, it would just be Rock Steady and me during the day. And there’s that fabulous mommy-baby group that I founded last year (yes, I founded it! And last I checked, there were 17 members!) that I’m proud to say still seems to be going strong, sans its fearless founder. 🙂 I know I picked a great leader for it; she’s done a fantastic job. They do fun things for the kids all the time and I know I’d be welcome back if I stay at home. So any way it works out, I’m happy. And if we need money, we’re working on several options. I am certainly not above any job; I’ve always known it but I’ve proven that with the tasks I’ve performed on my current “consulting” gig. Moving is also an option. A last resort option, but we’re not “married” to the idea of being homeowners forever.

I’ll take happy over appearances any day.

As is usually the case, the malfunctions of the CR-48 last time were user-related. Practice makes perfect. 🙂

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