Busy 24 Hours!

It has been a crazy-busy 24 hours. On the list of accomplishments:

*worked my normal contract shift

*completed orientation at tech school

*tested out of a couple of classes at tech school

*got student ID at local tech school

*played new rhyming game with Be-Bop and Rock Steady

*received Certificate of Organization for A Rainbow Tulip LLC from Secretary of State

*designed and ordered some really cool business cards from vistaprint.com

*linked A Rainbow Tulip’s wordpress blog to arainbowtulip.com and worked on the blog some

*ordered this month’s new beading supplies

*applied for county business license

*scheduled windshield replacement for my car. Will be done today. Yay!

I don’t know, maybe that’s a normal 24 hours for some folks. It might have even been normal for me a couple of years ago. But it’s definitely a far cry from lying in the occasional lying in the bed all day that I was still doing a month ago.

Okay, I will admit: while most of you were sleeping, I was not. So that’s how the business card design and blog work got done. My meds did not do their job last night. And, I was fighting it through excitement over the business and the tech school enrollment. Yesterday was one of my happiest days in a long time.

So, one night’s sleep mostly lost. Tonight will have to be a sleep-fest. It’s a must. Or J is going to growl at me (well, it’s more like a grunt, but still. It’s like I get in trouble because I can’t sleep.) But I genuinely think this has little to do with my illness. There are some big time changes going on in my life right now and I think it’s normal to be nervous and excited.

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