Sleepy vs. Madness

My medicine takes effect far too quickly.  I will be falling asleep very soon.

Stella’s training is coming along.  We started out leash training in the driveway.  When she pulled too hard, I just stopped and stood like a statue.  We did this for a couple of nights.  Today was our first venture beyond the driveway, and it went well enough, all things considered.  She’s certainly not behaving like the wild dog she was a couple of weeks ago.

Finding a schedule now that I’m back at work is tough stuff.  That’s part of why I took my medicine so early tonight; I’d really like to be awake at 5 so I can go to the gym in the mornings.  But every day is so dramatically different.  And forget cleaning house.  Working six hours a day is not so dramatically different than working 5 hours a day.  I may have to cut back even more.  We need the money badly, but…I’m still getting used to it.  This is the reason I need to not stay on klonopin forever.  Or, I need to get used to it.

I have to go to bed.  At 7:30.

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