Post in 3 Minutes

It’s Sunday night and I’m ready for my new schedule.  9 hours of sleep, working out day, getting some housework and journaling done every day, etc.

As such, I have approximately two minutes left for this post.  Make that one minute.  Then it’s bedtime.  Have I mentioned that the CR-48 is horrible for blog posts and documents?  For whatever reason, the cursor ends up all over the page.  Here’s an unedited version of what happens:

So I’m typing along happily and my thoughts are flowing.  Then, all of a sudden, my hand hits the mousepad or something and bam!  My cursor is ba.  Or sentence.  Or whatever.  And I swear, it does not feel like I hit the mousepad.  Granted, it is a huge mousepad.  I’m just not impressed.  The excitement from the day it arrived has faded into oblivion.  I just wish I had someone to chat with on Google chat or something, because at least now I do have a built-in webcam for a computer.  ck in the next paragraph

And now, I’m 4 ew.  Damn.  As I said, it’s most inconvenient for posts. nutes past curfue

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