>"Three Blind Mice"


I originally had this post going that was all my favorite sheet music and music books.  But then I got the impulse to go play some.  And then both boys came over (one on each side) and wanted to play too.  So I asked Be-Bop, “Would you like to learn a song?”  I decided I would try to teach them the first song my grandmother Ike (yes, that’s what we called her) taught me:  “Three Blind Mice.”  Be-Bop went through it once and wanted to play his “Twinkle Music.”  But Rock Steady was really interested.  Rock Steady let me work through “Three Blind Mice” several times with him.  

What Be-Bop was interested in, though, was hymns.  He comes to Big Church with us sometimes and he wants to be able to sing the songs.  Now, I really like the hymns that are no newer than 1870 or so.  But tonight, we did “Here I Am, Lord,” “Precious Lord, Take My Hand,” and “Amazing Grace.”  I skipped the reasons why I was going over these with him.  He’ll have the rest of his life to hear about the last Sundays and funerals of people who have been special in his mommy and daddy’s lives.  For now, I just want him to learn to like the songs.
For posterity’s sake, because I know it will make me cry later, Be-Bop hugged me big as I was finishing up “Here I Am, Lord.”  He said, “Mom, that song makes me love you a lot.”
The Presbyterian Hymnal (Pew Edition):Â Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs

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