>Hello, I have Bipolar and PTSD


I want to fight the stereotypes.  I have bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.  I’m done being in the closet with my mental illness.  I’ll scream it from the rooftops if it means informing some people.
They say that there’s discrimination out there in housing and employment when folks in authority find out you have a mental illness; that’s true, no doubt.  I had someone I interviewed to be a roommate once who opted not to move in when I told her I had bipolar.  I’ve been lucky as far as my employers go; I’ve told a couple of them about my illness and my bosses at the time were super-compassionate.  But I’m fairly certain I’ve also had a couple employers to be very glad when I resigned.
But I have seen the discrimination on the faces of people I thought were friends.  Even recently, I’ve felt the discomfort of others in my presence.  A while back I posted an angry rant on Facebook after I’d hung out with some people I thought were genuine friends.  It turns out my presence was likely not welcome among them.  So I don’t go around anymore.
I want to change the stigma but having a mental illness will never be in style the way having breast cancer is.  We don’t have pretty pink ribbons to go for our cause and people don’t show up in the thousands for relays for our cause.  We don’t even have treatment facilities designed to treat us exclusively; we are thrown in with the substance abuse crowd.  Their needs are very different but because substance abuse folks outnumber us, we don’t get our own facilities.
So maybe this is a cause to be fought one person at a time.

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