>Rebel, Me, Bipolar


So I chose to get inked this month instead of ordering more Swarovski. Shows exactly where my business priorities are! The ink is on my left wrist; it’s a purple amigram of “serenity,” in cursive script. I like it a lot so far, though it is starting to become challenging to keep it moisturized enough.

I graduate from my program this week. I’m nervous because I don’t know if I’ll be going back to work or not. We could really use the money. (Yet, I go get inked…hmmm….) There is a backup plan if I go to work or not; I intend to go to a local technical school next semester. Still, the boys are not better off with me at home and I think daycare will be impossible if I am not working.

I’m in “leave me alone” mode, which means I am getting nothing done and not engaged much with the family. I can’t think of a trigger.

It’s past my bedtime. Good night, all.

Wholesale 1000 4mm Bicone Swarovski 5328 Crystal Beads 25 Colors.

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