>Bedtime. I have to remember it’s bedtime.


I’m not doing so well on the sleep thing lately.  I get more done later at night, after the boys are asleep.  So, it’s either be creative and slightly crazy, or well-functioning and seriously unhappy.  I’ll deal with a happy balance of both.

The boys are super-excited about Christmas.  But, I’m not really in the running for Mother of the Year at the moment.  Be-Bop had a discovery this morning.  (In Mommy and Daddy’s closet…”It’s a Pillow Pet!!” [Mommy shudders.])

So Be-Bop and I had a talk about how this particular Pillow Pet was going to be a present for Sprout (which was not a lie…Be-Bop didn’t see his Pillow Pet!)  and how we needed to not tell Sprout what he’d seen.  And so far, so good.

Okay, bedtime for real.  I can never seem to get to the computer to write before it’s time for bed.

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