>Happy Birthday, Rock Steady!


Rock Steady is two years old today.  I feel like his little life’s been a blur, since I’ve spent so much of it deeply depressed.  He’s all rough-and-tumble boy, and always so happy.  We went to Build-A-Bear for him to get a new baby but he was not interested; I guess he knows his loyalty to his first bear.  He picked out a new shape sorter instead.  I’m so blessed to be his mommy.  He’s such a happy, healthy little boy.  It was fun to spend his birthday morning with him.

I’ve spent the week cleaning up and cleaning out the house.  It’s been a really productive week.  There’s a lot more work to be done, but the house is getting there.  The boys are back in Be-Bop’s original room, we’ve moved our bedroom upstairs to the boys’ room.  The master bedroom will become a multipurpose/ guest room.  I’ve been to Good Will for drop offs seven times this week and to the dump with things Good Will wouldn’t take three times.  During my last trip to Good Will on Wednesday, the lady that had been helping me all week said, “I’m off the next couple of days but I’ll see you Saturday!”

I don’t know what happened.  Monday morning I just made up my mind that I was done staying in the bed all the time and now I’m lonely, but not despondent.

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