>My First Colors and Shapes by DK


I type, these cards are still sitting on my coffee table.  We got these cards as a gift when Be-Bop was small; they may have been a first birthday or first Christmas present.  He absolutely loves them still and Rock Steady has discovered them, too! 

The cards each have a 3D touch to them; for instance, the duck card has yellow fur for baby to touch.  The back of each card has helpful tips to help parents/caregivers make the most of the experience.  I really believe this product helped Three learn his early vocabulary.

Best for me as parent, the box and cards are super-sturdy.  Rock Steady is very rough with toys and he will plow over to open this box, dump all the cards out, walk all over them, and do his best to bend the box backward and forward.  The box itself has a Velcro close mechanism and it’s heavy duty cardboard.  Miraculously, our set has been through a lot but it’s still in very presentable shape.

This is one of those must-have’s for learning that I gladly recommend to anyone with a little one six months to three years old.

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