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I’ve found that to make myself happy, I need to journal. I have lots of experience with journaling about sad stuff, but what about the happy stuff? Lately, I’m learning to channel positive thoughts. It’s powerful! Better yet, it makes me feel happy, which is an outstanding thing.

My wedding anniversary is on my mind. Friday is the big day! Five whole years ago I stood in front of my family, friends, and God and told them all that I would love my J every day for the rest of my life. April 2, 2005 was easily one of the happiest days of my life.
Now we have each other to see every day plus the bonus of Be-Bop and Sprout to keep us entertained. It’s very cool. I kicked and screamed a bunch along the way. Okay, if I’m being real, I really did not want to go from being one of the only two grandchildren to being the mama. (!) Now that I’m finding my own value within myself, though, I’m very pleased to see that I have some very cool people sharing my house.
The day is too pretty to sit inside the house all day; I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!

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