>Deenie by Judy Blume


There are some things I cannot tell my readers about my life.

This book is a good introduction if you’re interested in getting to know what has been a major part of my story.

Scoliosis defined me for a MAJOR portion of my life.  Luckily, I am seeing life outside my illness.

Thankfully, there were writers like the author of this book around when I was a child.  This book helped me a great deal at a time when not much was helping my heart.  It reminded me that I am one of many:  my road is one that so many women went down before me and that road is one girls and boys will continue to travel.  Bonus:  the invasive surgery I underwent is one of bygone days.

For me, there is life beyond ordeal.  Thanks be to God.

3 responses to “>Deenie by Judy Blume”

  1. hi,
    Would you be interested in sharing scoliosis stories?
    I am a 43 year old female who had surgery to insert a Harrington rod done when I was 17.

    just wanting to chat about what life is like now…

    • Hi,

      I’m very willing to talk about it, but I do have to say it doesn’t stop me from doing much. I mean, my spine is fused so my flexibility is limited but I was 13 when I had the surgery so I barely remember what it was like to have regular flexibility.

      How is your back now?

  2. hi,
    I am like you in that I don’t really remember life before having scoliosis and the rod.
    I have had 2 children and am basically lived a ‘normal’ active life.
    However, about 10 years ago I did break vertebrae at the lower end of my spine. I believe my fusion is to about L3-4. At that time they did not want to do anything cuz they thought opening me up was too much of a risk. That was not very reassuring. I healed in about 6 months or so…with casts/braces and all that. During that time I went through some tests and was told that I have osteoporosis ( I was in my early 30’s). So a dr put me on some med for that….I don’t think that is usual for someone so young and I think the med is for women who have gone through menopause.
    Anyway here I am today…Of course there are some activities I just don’t do, cuz I know I will pay for it afterward and there are some activities I am far too afraid to do and some that I just cannot do becasue of the decreased spinal movement. I am sure you are the same. Do you have any regular exercise or coping methods? I love massage and some chiropractic. I also love walking cycling and some water exercise. It is in the water that I really feel I can stretch out as I often feel compressed….sound familiar?
    OK I am going to stop here and let you read and respond if you like….


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