>Sit’n Stroll by Triple Play


This one’s on my mind because Rock Steady has grown such that I won’t use it anymore.  We have now passed it on to a new family.  Hope it sees another four years of happy use! 

Our Sit’n Stroll was manufactured by Triple Play.  Since it is advertised for the same price and the picture is identical, I assume that Triple Play either got bought out or changed their name.  We did buy this from Amazon.com, in 2006.

All in all, it really did serve us well.  We bought it while we were living in another state.  We’d been accustomed to flying home about every other trip, so we anticipated several flights per year.  Pre-babies, I swore my child would have to have his or her own seat on a flight, that he or she had to be strapped in a seatbelt (more on this in a minute).  The seat is FAA-approved, I read somewhere in my research that it is the same seat that some airlines will rent to you.  It can be a plane seat, a car seat, a stroller, and here they’re advertising it as a booster seat as well.

We never actually ended up buying the extra seat for baby on flights.  We really have only flown two or three times since Be-Bop was born.  When we did fly, we took advantage of “children under two fly free in your lap” policies.  We’ve also never used the seat as a booster seat.

It was most useful for us between the ages of six and thirteen months or so.  Beyond thirteen months, our children were just too heavy for me to want to lift this device and the child in and out of the car together.  It’s fantastic to be able to put the baby in before you get in the car, put baby in the car and pull baby out of the car, all while baby is in the stroller.  Then you can stroll into the store with baby, looking like he or she is sitting in a stroller.  I can’t count how many comments we got on how the babies looked so comfy.

The only things to be aware of:

*The straps are hard to figure out.  They’re adjustable, but it took me the entire time we had it to figure out how to adjust.  Part of this is issue has had to do with my patience.  I have very little patience when I’m in a hurry, and I am perpetually in a hurry.

*No LATCH device.  If this is a deal-breaker for you, then you’re out of luck.

*The handle and bars that attach handle to stroller are loose.  This is not a design flaw, this is on purpose.  It has no bearing on the functionality of the device.  It does make for a little squeaking when the stroller gets broken in.  It means, however, that the child did not feel every little turn I made.  I think it makes for a much more smooth ride for baby.  And I recall being able to turn on a dime, even one-handed.

It’s a handy contraption.  A tad pricey, but I promise:  even if you are on a budget (we definitely were!), this one is worth the investment if you have a little advanced planning available.

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