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Acknowledging the Mommy Meltdown

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I mentioned in a previous post that I have been only really taking pictures of bells and teapots. That is true. In fact, I really just took that photo above of Oliver for this post because I wanted something a little cheerier than the results of my recent artistic endeavors. On the whole, it’s been a hard few weeks since …

CarolineAcknowledging the Mommy Meltdown
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The Little Things of Summer 2014

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It’s gorgeous outside today.  The temperature is perfect, slightly cool and reminiscent of Fall, and wherever the mosquitoes are, they are not here at the moment.  Today is a day we need to spend some more time outside than usual, the boys and me.  I think it’s a “colorful park” kind of morning. Today we will visit the classrooms and …

CarolineThe Little Things of Summer 2014

Project: Overcoming Laziness

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I wasn’t always this lazy.  Once upon a time I managed to keep the house relatively tidy AND go to a full-time day job.  But the years haven’t always been kind, primarily health-wise, and laziness and depression have gotten far too intertwined for me.  I know I’m far too young to keep this level of inactivity permanently, especially as a …

CarolineProject: Overcoming Laziness
Oliver July 2014

Perspective: Three and Photo Talk

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That sweet face in the photo, that baby of mine, he has taken over life in our household.  The big boys adore him and even Abby, our puppy dog, understands that when Oliver is in our laps or when he is getting floor time that Abby has to be mindful of the baby.  We are settling into life with three …

CarolinePerspective: Three and Photo Talk
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Budgets, How I Do Love You

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Keeping a budget around this household has become part of the way we are taming our household mess. This part of taming our household mess started long before we decided to go for a simpler materialistic lifestyle.  It started by necessity, rather than luxury.  For a really, really long time, we flew by the seat of our pants around here, …

CarolineBudgets, How I Do Love You