Boys Outtake

These Three and Painting as Therapy

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These three keep me on my toes.

Porter is doing a school project.  Oliver is in his bouncy seat, and Liam is currently bored and dancing around the house, because that’s what he does when he is bored.

These three boys are so loved that I can’t even begin to describe it.

And…I’m in the midst of a large household project that has taken on a life of its own:  painting. I’m painting the whole house, it looks like. What started out as a small project to paint the living room has expanded to the foyer and hallway, so far, which means pretty much the whole living area has to be painted since it’s an open format. It’s all half done, as per my usual style.  And, not a bit of the painting project is currently photo-worthy.  It’s just a boring white, but it brightens the place up tremendously.  I may have the foyer done soon and I’ll post a photo of it when it’s finished.

I take on more than I intend to and more than I can handle, just about every single time. The painting will get done eventually, I know.

Chaos knows where I live.  I invite it, somehow, every time.

Calm is coming though.  I can feel it.  The new paint is going to help facilitate brighter moods, which will bring a far more stable calm.  That much I know for sure.



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It would serve me well to remember that life is not all bad sometimes.  I have good friends, and one of them extended a kindness to me earlier in the week that has soothed a years’ long pain.  That’s cryptic, I know, but that friend eased a portion of my mind that’s been ill at ease for years now.  And that’s all I care to say about it.

And then, there’s this guy, who puts up with me daily and takes excellent care of all of us:

Jared BW 2
I have my family, I have dear friends, I have relatively good health, I have photography….all of that is pretty great.

I’ve started transcribing my hand-written journals.  They’re all over the house, in different spots, with different memorabilia.  The earliest one is from fourth grade, but the ones I have been working on most recently are from my college days and just after.  Twenty-one year old angst, and I had plenty of it.

I’m coming to realize that this depression….it’s not new.  It’s been there my whole life.  That’s one of the great things about having kept a journal for as long as I have, because I am able to look back and see that this is not a new thing and I can see that there’s not some new crisis that’s really making me feel this way.  Looking back at these journals lends a great deal of perspective.

That’s all for today.

This Morning

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It’s a beautiful morning.  The kids are at my parents’ house.

Time to make the most of a promising day.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this month.  I don’t plan to finish as I didn’t start out with a plan in all this, but it has me writing again.  That is a blessing.

I am better.  It’s been a really rough few weeks.

A photo project for the day: a portrait for Jared.  That’s a rare project, indeed.

Thankfulness comes in waves.  Today, I am thankful for the people in my life.  Today, I am thankful for my health.

I am also thankful for coffee.  And crochet.  And photography.  And my children.  Especially, I am thankful for my children.

Liam Metal Print


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Despite the sour mood around here for the past long while, some things have gotten done.

For instance, there was a sale on metal prints, so I ordered several to go on the living room walls, for after the painting is done. The picture above is a shot I got of Liam probably two Christmases ago now.  He was four years old, I think, when this photo was taken.

And, this is what my living room walls look like right now:
IMG_0880It’s not pretty, but during the day, the walls are tremendously brighter already.  That helps things a lot. I hope to work more on painting this next week.

And finally….crochet!
IMG_0879Neither of them are done yet and I need to get more yarn for the cream-colored one, but two blankets in the making!  Yay!  These work up fast when I devote a little time to them.

So, all is not completely bad around here.  In fact, live is pretty great, when I stop to think about it.