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Perspective: Three and Photo Talk

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That sweet face in the photo, that baby of mine, he has taken over life in our household.  The big boys adore him and even Abby, our puppy dog, understands that when Oliver is in our laps or when he is getting floor time that Abby has to be mindful of the baby.  We are settling into life with three and I am grateful he is here. The fear from the pregnancy is not gone yet, though.  Oliver will be …

CarolinePerspective: Three and Photo Talk
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Project: Kitchen

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We have this kitchen counter that’s just sort of out there, taking up one side of the whole kitchen.  When we moved into this house seven years ago, I just knew it would be perfect for some food preparation, but as it is, it has proven to be pretty much wasted space good for accumulating junk.  That whole side of cabinets and counter space, actually, is just pure storage.   The space has held a multitude of things over the years, …

CarolineProject: Kitchen
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Budgets, How I Do Love You

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Keeping a budget around this household has become part of the way we are taming our household mess. This part of taming our household mess started long before we decided to go for a simpler materialistic lifestyle.  It started by necessity, rather than luxury.  For a really, really long time, we flew by the seat of our pants around here, financially.   There was no plan, no discipline, no knowing for certain even what went out of this house.  It …

CarolineBudgets, How I Do Love You
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Eleventh Smile Anniversary

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Forgive me if I gush here…I am married to a superhero, after all… The photo above is a photo of a photo taken on January 3, 2004. Jared sat his little camera on a rock and this photo has become one of the hallmark documentations of our relationship. The two kids in this picture had no idea what they were bargaining for in the next decade. Today is our eleventh “smile” anniversary. The online service through which Jared and I …

CarolineEleventh Smile Anniversary